Risk Assessment& Management

What is Risk Assessment & Management?

An effective Risk Assessment highlights the risks that your business may be presented with, and provides the opportunity to mitigate those risks where possible. Risk Assessment is the result of a process where assets are reviewed by considering the potential threats and vulnerabilities that may affect that asset, the business value of the asset, likelihood of it being realised and the impact if it is.

These assets may range from the company brand to the phone system to all your company data. Often risks are identified that are not usually considered, but do pose a realistic danger to your organisation.

Once these assets, threats and vulnerabilities are are documented and scored, mitigations are associated with each risk where possible. Often these mitigations are linked to a Business Continuity Plan and should be reviewed at least annually or when significant changes take place.

Risk Assessment is not only a requirement for ISO/IEC 27001, it is also becoming a requirement for organisations to compete for tenders and new business.

What is involved?

Once we have discussed and understood your business operation, we initially focus on your critical assets. These assets are then populated into our risk register template where we identify and score these risks, and suggest mitigations for each. It is quite normal, even for businesses that have already conducted a risk assessment, for our consultants to identify real threats and vulnerabilities that have not previously been considered.

Next Steps

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Our consultants are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) so you can be sure we have the skills to deliver.

Already have a Risk Assessment?

If you're already have a Risk Assessment, but perhaps it's out of date, or you simply need an independant review, we can still help.

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