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Distributed Denial ofService (DDoS) Mitigation

DDoS attacks are growing in frequency, size and complexity all the time. Whilst we do partner with Arbor to deliver DDoS mitigation solutions, we understand that an appliance isn't the whole solution.

We look at the whole environment. We examine 7 areas of security, assess your current levels against each component, and provide you with a roadmap of where you want to be.

It's not just about the technical solution, it's about risk management, process, incident response to name a few.

We work with a number of solution providers for DDoS mitigation, each of which provide DDoS mitigation as a technical service rather than as an appliance. We are therefore independent and can provide the best unbiased advice for which solution works best for you. However, it may be that an appliance is the right choice, or a combination of appliance and cloud based service.

One of the the new DDoS mitigation solutions from market leader, Arbor Networks, has a new product aimed at the SME/DC space called Prevail. Existing DDoS mitigation solutions from Arbor have been aimed at the Service Provider and Telco markets, commanding large capital and operational investments. This is different, the investment is now smaller for mitigation platforms starting from 2Gbps and reaching 10Gbps.

Platforms are scalable by licence up to 10G, not hardware limited. If you've recently been attacked, or are concerned about being attacked, contact us for more information.

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